About Us

 In 2005 Pretty Penny Properties Inc. was conceived and went into development- spearheaded by husband and wife team/owners, Allison and Kenny Penny as a response to what we perceived to be a dire need in the real estate industry.  We felt that there was a much better way to provide real estate services to clients of all types.  We just knew that we could do this better! Whether the client was an owner of a $1,000 plot of dirt or a potential buyer for a multi-million dollar water front listing or an REO asset management service – Each one deserved a service that made them feel like they were their representative’s ONLY client.

After much time researching potential answers for how to offer this better service – we began to understand the root of the issue was essentially a lack of respect. Respect was the missing link! However, this wasn’t just an issue with real estate professionals. Buyers and sellers don’t respect the industry. Agents don’t respect the buyers and sellers. REO asset managers can’t respect their assigned brokers and the back and forth goes on and on. 

Once, we identified what we felt was missing and impeding real estate transactions from being a more positive experience – we needed to work on a way to make it better.  We spoke to other industry professionals and the response slanted somewhat negative, in that they did not understand how you can change other people’s perspective and instill respect for anything or anyone in someone else’s mind – particularly as it related to real estate.

We were not dissuaded! July of 2006 in the front room of our newly acquired historic home in Anthony, Florida – Pretty Penny Properties Inc. opened its door for the first time. Our desire to offer this boutique style real estate service began as a trickle, but the formula that we have implemented and massaged has been very successful. We have expanded our team personnel and office space with a tremendous respect for that initial trickle. Today Pretty Penny Properties offers our respectful approach to real estate throughout a huge territory  - with offices in Ocala and Tampa Bay. Our past and present clients include but are not limited to first time buyers, luxury sellers, move up buyers, retirees, seasoned investors, multiple REO asset management services, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD.

The fact of the matter is we can do this better. We do this better! Respect is more tangible than it is believed to be and is in fact something that can be transferred. To do it the right way, it cannot be mass produced. We have hand selected our team members at a rate of about 2 -3 per year and will continue to do so… We then help them develop their skills in a unique way that will continue to further our vision for doing real estate in a better way. Pretty Penny Properties will never have a sign in our window that says now hiring anyone with a license. We are different, and we prove it every day.

In 2014 we were voted by the readers of Ocala Magazine as the BEST of the BEST for local realtors. We have earned the respect of the people and businesses in our local communities, and we are humbled that our business has developed in such a manner.

Pretty Penny Properties… making cent$ of today’s real estate market. We are ready to help you get your Penny’$ worth.