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    Listing Details for 4515 Melanie, St Augustine, FL 32145
    1. Price: $55,000.00
    2. Days On Market: 201
    3. Acreage: 1.58 acres
    4. Pool: No
    5. Waterfront: No
    6. Year Built: Not Available
    MLS#: A11203411
    1. County: SAINT JOHNS
    2. City: St Augustine
    3. Zipcode: 32145
    4. Subdivision: Flagler Estates (mh) (east
    5. Provided by: Beachfront Realty Inc
    6. Miami REALTORS®
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    Ready to built your dream home in more than one acre and a half? Corner unit in a 10,000 acre subdivision. It's suitable for a single family .There are no deed restrictions and no HOA. Farm animals, R
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