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    Details for 0 Highway 326, MORRISTON, FL 32668
    1. Price: $4,000,000.00
    2. Days On Market: 284
    3. Acreage: 150.00 acres
    4. Pool: No
    5. Waterfront: No
    6. Year Built: Not Available
    MLS#: MFROM615984
    1. County: LEVY
    2. City: MORRISTON
    3. Zipcode: 32668
    4. Elementary School: Fessenden
    5. Middle School: Howard
    6. High School: West Port
    7. Provided by: JOAN PLETCHER
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    150 Acres of beautiful rolling acres in NW Ocala with frontage on Hwy 326. Property features lush green pastures and two barns which are in need of repairs. Call today for additional information
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